• 1 - Only one account per person is allowed;
  • 2 - Forbidden to exploit any bugs in the game code or the structure of the game for the furtherment of your progress in the game;
  • 3 - Any (suspection of) a bug, exploit, glitch or anomaly needs to be reported at the forums;
  • 4 - It is not allowed to hack or attempt to hack or otherwise interfere with the server(s) on which Adult Website Tycoon is running;
  • 5 - English is the only language spoken in-game. Other languages are allowed only in private messages.
A rule is violated. Now what?

For the first violation, a warning can be given by a Moderator or an Administrator.
When this happens, it has no use to discuss this warning as it has already been given. Official warnings are logged in the system.

For the second violation, depending on the severity of it, a second warning can be given.
Or, the Moderator or Administrator can decide to give a temporarily ban. Again the length of this ban depends on the severity.

When this user tries to evade the temp ban, by for example creating a clone account (see rule 1),
this immediately means that the temp ban will be converted to a permanent ban.

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