Features & screenshots

The game is in active development, and is updated with new features frequently. This is a list of some (but not all) features currently included in the game.

General features
  • Randomly generated actors with body stats, traits, specialties, and a NO list
  • Four career paths to discover for your contractors: Regular model, Nude model, Porn actor, and webcam model
  • Build your own properties for your business, or rent the property to and from other players
  • 36 towns and 11 countries to explore
  • Daily parties where you can chat with other players, and win awards with your videos and contracted actors or models
  • Able to start several kind of businesses: Talent agencies, video website, webshop, webcam streaming website, a hosting provider, or a datacenter
  • Become a surgeon, sexologist or body piercer
  • Achievements
  • Sexual accomplishments
  • A light and dark theme (difference visible in screenshots below)
  • Completely responsive, so very playable on your mobile device or tablet
  • Game statistics
  • Endless personal missions
  • Buy cars and airplanes to shorten your travel time
Actor / Model features
  • Males, Females and Shemales
  • New players are able to design their starting girlfriend
  • Personal traits like nympho, polyamorous, faithful, ...
  • Physical traits like large labia, innie pussy, perfect ass, beauty, nipple piercing
  • Five different sexual orientations: Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual
  • 99 % of the bodypart stats have a corresponding image based on the traits of the person. (eg. image of an innie pussy when actor/model has that trait)
  • Currently 21879 face images and 17557 gender specific body part images (breasts, ass, asshole, pussy) in the game!
  • Use modifiers on your actors such as birth control pills, razor blades, make-up, ...
  • Complex conversation engine to talk with actors, and get to know your actor better. You can date them on several locations, and of course you can have sex with them the way you want (if they let you..)
  • More than 1500 conversation phrases and 8 conversation types (change contract, date, have sex, ...)
  • Find girls, guys and shemales in towns yourself by talking to strangers, or use an adult talent agency
  • ..or create vacancies to find the actors/models you really want
  • ..or use the advanced search feature to find agency contracted actors/models
Video related features
  • Record videos in real-time: You are the director. You tell what your actors and actresses should do
  • Choose from dozens of actions. You can choose actions based on the poses, clothes and modifiers
  • Dozens of events can happen during the recording. Gagging, gaping, erection loss, orgasms, cumshots, ...
  • These events are influenced by specific sex skills (Fucking, Licking, Maintaining orgasm, Gag reflex, ...)
  • Record videos in hotel rooms, bathrooms, at the beach, in the kitchen, ...
  • Currently there are 120 video categories with a total of 2295 combinations!
  • Categories can be popular at times so videos of that category will get more views. Currently skinny is the most popular category
  • Video modifiers such as camera crews, condoms, butt plugs, dildo's, and a dance pole
  • Advanced video rating system that takes every aspect of the video into account
  • Relevant video comments about everything possible
  • Complete video missions to earn money or modifiers
  • Upgrade your video editing room to get a better post production phase
  • Unlock intelligence to find the best video category combinations
Photoshoot related features
  • Perform a photoshoot wherever you like: Bedroom, in the forest, of in a professional photo studio
  • Photoshoot modifiers such as an SD card, steady hand, professional camera
  • Level up your model to become a supermodel
  • Dress up your models for the specific photoshoot type (classy, sexy, formal, etc)
  • Complete modelling jobs
Webcam session features
  • Start your own cam website
  • Take control of the webcam session: You decide what the webcam model should do
  • Undress during a session and tease your viewers
  • ..or let the camgirl decide for herself
  • Receive tips during a session
  • Get subscribers for doing specific requests
  • Special actions like squirting or an orgasm will boost your session rating and attract even more viewers
  • Use toys (dildo, vibrator or a butt plug) during a session
Profession related features
  • Become a surgeon and perform surgeries like breast enlargements, butt implants and anal rejuvenation.
  • Become a body piercer and apply/remove body piercings all over the body
  • Based on your surgery skills, you can change the appearance after surgery
  • Become a sexologist and talk about NO list entries, or increase someones sex skills
  • Become a professional make-up artist and give girls a big temporary face stat boost
Hosting features
  • Create your own hosting provider company
  • Provide customers with shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, a cluster or even a cloud service
  • Keep your systems up-to-date to prevent website failures
  • Intelligent alerting system
  • Buy servers to extend your services
  • Make money by used bandwidth, used storage, assigned cores and memory, and more
Web design features
  • Design your own CMS
  • Choose a supported operating system family (Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix)
  • Release new versions of your CMS with more features
  • Fix bugs and push these updates to your customers to prevent website failures
  • More than 25 different CMS features to develop
Personal mission features
  • Endless personal missions to earn money, achievements, sexual accomplishments, and XP
  • Missions start easy, but become more challenging
  • Use jokers to skip missions you don't like
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